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Key Management System


Babaco's® Secure Key Management System

Keys play an important role in securing your cargo. Drivers lose keys, break keys, steal keys, and duplicate keys all the time. Locks are constantly being cut because keys are lost or the driver quits. Managers are forced to maintain hundreds of keys and finding the right key takes time.

When you outfit your vehicle with Babaco's® award winning line of cargo security products you also put an end to costly key management problems.

  1. Drivers cannot have a Babaco® key duplicated.
    Only Babaco® can supply keys. It is very common for a driver to duplicate a factory truck key at any hardware store. Babaco provides protection from this unauthorized action.
  2. A unique key code is assigned to each customer
  3. Babaco® cuts keys to meet the customer's needs
    Keys can be unique for each vehicle
    Keys can be the same for each vehicle
    Keys can be grouped by fleets
    Management can have a single Master Key Management can have a Master Key for the fleet
  4. All Babaco® products share a common keyway Alarms, Locks, Safes, Padlocks
  5. Babaco® keyways cannot be picked, shimmed or bumped
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