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Founded in 1930


Babaco® was established in 1930 called the Brooklyn Automobile Burglar Alarm COmpany known today as BABACO®. For the past 85 years, the now famous black and yellow Babaco® sticker has become a clear symbol of vehicle security and sends the message to would be thieves to move to the next vehicle.

Today Babaco® is still selling alarm systems for commercial vehicles and has extended the company’s product line to protect cargo from the time it enters the warehouse until a signature is captured to establish customer proof of delivery. Babaco® manufactures a substantial portion of the product line and holds patents on several innovative products sold exclusively by Babaco®. Today BABACO®, Inc. has representatives in over 200 cities throughout the US and Canada. We are proving our slogan to the world: “The most trusted name in cargo security!”

Cargo is vulnerable. Products go missing from inventory on a daily basis. Trucks and trailers are broken into or products go missing. Refrigerated cargo can be stolen and be compromised if temperatures are not maintained. Customers often claim they did not receive products or that products were delivered damaged. Let Babaco® help protect your cargo and your bottom line using the latest technology and proven products that have helped to secure cargo for tens of thousands of customers.

BABACO History

Since 1930

Jack Seide and Izador Adis established our company in 1930. Izador invented the first alarm in his basement. Jack Seide, having a natural ability in sales and marketing, realized a great business potential and thus BABACO - Brooklyn Automobile Burglar Alarm Company was born.

Jack Seide, a founding partner, demonstrating a BABACO high security alarm attached to well-known cigarette truck (circa 1950’s). Izador Adis, one of the founding members of BABACO. An original BABACO alarm unit (1940’s). BABACO Assembly Department Brooklyn NY (circa 1930’s).

Word Spread

The invention proved so successful, that word quickly spread among the other industries, including jewelers. They wanted their cars similarly wired. Demand became so great that Jack hired a mechanic to handle these jobs. Eventually, the orders became so intense that Jack had given up other work and established Brooklyn Automobile Burglar Alarm Company, which was eventually shortened to BABACO.

News spreads as BABACO units are installed in many commercial vehicles. Circuit board assembly and testing at BABACO (circa 1930’s). Early BABACO alarms ran on a separate battery, but were returned for recharging. Today BABACO batteries can charge directly from the vehicle.

Protecting Tobacco and other Cargo

At the time of BABACO, the railways handled the majority of the tobacco moving out of the south. Trucks were considered to be too great a risk for theft to handle this valuable commodity. Jack established an agency in Winston-Salem to provide BABACO protection for motor carriers. Within a few years, long hauling by truckers of tobacco products was increased 100%. This success spurred the interest of liquor, fur, clothing, and appliance truckers.

Dangerous deliveries being passed through doors just large enough for specific cargo. BABACO airfreight specialists clientele. Dangerous deliveries required an expedited process as noted by multiple doors on this truck. BABACO protecting alcohol deliveries in NY (circa 1950’s).

Branching out to New Clients

Having reached this level of success, BABACO could foresee the use of alarm protection on all jewelry salesmen’s cars, as well as on trucks. Jack packed a demonstrator model in his car and for three days he journeyed through a blizzard to Chicago. His perilous trip was rewarded, as the Insurance Underwriters Laboratories approved the system and gave him a listing.

Truck equipped with BABACO high security devices. BABACO client vehicle shown outside BABACO main offices, Brooklyn NY. Industrial trucking companies turn to BABACO for cargo security.

Securing the Atom Bomb

Between 1942 and 1943 the US Army approached BABACO to protect some of their vehicles. In particular, BABACO installed alarms on trucks that transported atomic bomb research materials during World War II.

Babaco shown here (circa 1940's).

Throughout US and Canada

Today BABACO, Inc. has representatives in over 200 cities throughout the US and Canada. We are proving our slogan to the world: “The most trusted name in cargo security!”

Original BABACO warning sign seen here. BABACO airfreight specialists clientele. Commecial vehicle shown with original BABACO warning signs.

BABACO Through the Years: The Sam Veros Story

69 Years with BABACO

How many people can say they have been with the same great, solid company for 69 years? For nearly 70 years Sam was employed at BABACO Alarm Systems ever since he was 18 years old, fresh out of high school. At 87 Sam was still making his contributions at BABACO Alarm Systems.

1937: Started as Machinist

Sam graduated as a machinist at Brooklyn Tech way back in 1937. He was very happy when BABACO, which had already been in operation for six years, hired him. He was immediately struck by the energy and personality of the company founder, Jack Seide. He was a real go-getter at the age of 28 when they first met. See the story of how he invented the first car and truck alarm in BABACO History.


Soon, as with many of his compatriots, Sam was drafted by the Army (World War II). Jack negotiated a 6-month extension because BABACO needed his assistance in creating and installing Top Secret alarms on trucks that were hauling nuclear materials for the US Army. But six months later Sam's deferment was over and he served his country to the best of his ability.

1945: Back to BABACO

Sam came back home on the Queen Mary in 1945, as the first troops to return to New York Harbor. The bells, sirens, fly boats, and public displays of generosity were phenomenal! Everywhere the soldiers went, they were offered free drinks, movie passes, meals, and recognition. Best of all, Sam came back to his job at BABACO, with a promotion to Shop Foreman.

On Ground Floor of Innovations

Sam designed many products throughout his years with BABACO. Sam was the go-to person for questions on engineering, purchasing, installation, customer relations—you name it, he did it in his long, productive, relationship with BABACO. It would be difficult to quantify how many millions of dollars Sam saved our customers through his contributions in undefeatable cargo theft prevention.

Sam Veros shown here after returning from WWII. Sam Veros receiving an award at BABACO (circa 1970’s). Sam Veros, a BABACO legend.

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