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Digital Cargo Seal

Digital Cargo Seal
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Babaco's Rugged Electronic Indicative Seal

* Many seals make it impossible to properly secure your cargo because
the seal takes the place of a proper lock.

* Does not require special removal tools and is easy for use by both
shippers and consignees.

* Seal numbers cannot be replicated.

* Integrates with the full Babaco line of cargo security products.

Anodized Zinc Aluminum Enclosure
2 Year Battery Life
Runs on Standard AA Batteries
100% Weather Proof
Multi Door Monitoring
Tamper Proof
Full One Year Warranty

Digital Seal
Mounting Hardware
Installation Guide
(1) Commercial Grade Magnetic Door Sensor

How it works.

1. Anytime cargo doors are open the display will show OPEN (for 10 seconds)

2. When the truck is loaded and the cargo doors are closed, the dispatcher, administrator, or company-designated person pushes the button on the bottom of the seal and then records the number displayed on the seal. The number can be displayed at anytime by pressing the button.

3. When the truck arrives at its destination, the recieving party presses the button on the seal prior to opening the door. The seal will match the seal number recorded at loading time unless the load was compromised in transit in which case the seal number will not match.

4. If a different number is shown, it indicates that the door was opened, prior to arrival.
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