About Us

About Us

Founded in 1930, BABACO® quickly became well-known and sought out by many established industries looking to protect! 87 years later, we are proud to say we are the leading company in providing full transportation security for the pharmaceutical, liquor, retail, food, and data storage/information destruction companies, to name a few. BABACO® offers an impressive product-line including automatic lock security, proprietary alarm systems, full-line GPS tracking devices, customizable APPS and smart I/O devices designed to further protect and eliminate loss. All products are designed, manufactured, and installed by BABACO® allowing us to provide you with the proven ability to secure and monitor every movement your vehicle makes.

With over a dozen patents, and many more pending, BABACO® is uniquely qualified to create and integrate a viable solution to fit the needs of your industry. Committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our customers, we provide free evaluations to discuss your security needs. We will then work directly with you to produce and develop a comprehensive package catered to those specific needs.

Extending across North America our now famous black and yellow BABACO® sticker has become a clear symbol of vehicle security and sends the message to would be thieves to move to the next vehicle.

Mission Statement

Our customers, ranging from small local businesses to international fleets, safely moves billions of dollars of cargo every year. It is BABACO®’s mission to stay twenty steps ahead of the competition and light years ahead of the thieves. Taking pride in our reputation for cargo protection, we set out to prove our slogan to the world every day:

“The most trusted name in cargo security!”™

Our Commitment

BABACO® demonstrates a daily commitment to security and quality.


BABACO® has witnessed tremendous changes in both cargo and theft techniques, in addition to cargo compliance requirements or government regulated standards, yet we continue to stay committed to each challenge by designing and installing durable and sophisticated security systems.


BABACO®’s commitment to quality is apparent to employees, customers, and affiliates. We ensure quality customer service, products, and service every day.

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