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Babaco System Remote Alarm
Alarm protects cargo YES
The cargo is even protected while moving
Alarm only covers cab section
Protection from Key duplication YES
Babaco keys cannot be duplicated
Any car stereo store can and will duplicate remote
Passive Arm (automatic operation) YES
Babaco alarm arms as door is closed
Operates also with ignition running
Requires driver to arm by remote
System bypass YES
Requires operator to use secure Babaco Key
Any person can a button to be pressed under the dash to bypass or just unplug unit
Self contained power supply YES
Independent power supply
Draws off vehicle battery
Dual power operation YES
Independent power supply or will operate off vehicle ignition
Dependent solely on vehicle battery
Self-diagnostics YES
Unit makes specific noises for working and non-working systems
Same Beep
Ignition key control YES
Key is attached to Babaco key that is needed to disarm and unlock rear doors
This eliminates truck idling during loading or unloading
Factory key can be left in ignition
Cargo Door ajar or open alert YES
Babaco alarm will sound whenever the door is open and ignition is on to force drive to close door and/or shut door before driving away
Alarm is off when ignition is on
Automatically locks cargo doors YES
Every cargo door is locked automatically upon closure
Driver is required to manually lock or apply padlock
Independent of factory wiring YES
Babaco alarm system is installed independently of all wiring with the exception of the ignition kill and charging wire for the Babaco battery
Wires are connected to existing wire harness
Alarm located in Armored box YES
The Babaco system which consists of alarm, battery, siren and harness are installed in a 16ga steel enclosure to ensure protection from tampering
Alarm control is placed and located under dash board
Nationwide Service YES
Babaco has agents all over the country
Insurance Approved YES
Recognized for commercial vehicles
Recognized for cars
One call for service YES
Call Babaco 800 line or email
Look through yellow pages
Babaco signs are a visible deterrent YES
Babaco signs are recognized nationwide and a known deterrent
Window stickers
Warranty YES
Lifetime with Contract on Parts and Labor with contract
60-120 Days
PM (Preventive Maintenance) YES