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Babaco’s Automated Engine Kill Module and Idle Monitoring Systems

Babaco helps you go green, save money on fuel and avoid hefty fines!

When a commercial truck driver making a delivery leaves the vehicle running, they damage the environment, they make people sick, they waste fuel, they put extra wear and tear on the vehicle and now the owner of the vehicle can be fined large sums of money based on idling laws that are now in force in almost every major urban environment.

Babaco’s GPS technology can accurately detect idling and provides a host of management reports to help you easily identify which drivers are idling excessively. Setup idle alerts to your cell phone and be proactive whenever your drivers put your company at risk.

Take it one step further with Babaco’s new Automated Idle Management module. Once installed and configured, the device accurately detects idling and starts a timer that beeps after a preset number of minutes to alert the driver and then shortly after automatically turns off the vehicles engine. This device can be installed as a standalone unit or it can be combined with our GPS fleet tracking technology.

Module Features

  1. Selectable allowable idle time (1,3,5,8 minutes)
  2. Dual relay control
  3. Safety programming for proper installation
  4. Heavy duty construction with industrial connectors
  5. Audible warning indicators
  6. Output for GPS integration
  7. Resettable ignition timer
  8. Non-resettable ignition timer

Legislatures are proposing even tougher legislation to curb idling. Law enforcement is starting to aggressively issue fines and repeat offenders face fines in the thousands of dollars per vehicle.