TruckSync Edge (Smartphone App)

TruckSync Edge allows your company to centralize digital reporting for any of your needs. This APP can electronically submit pre-trip and post-trip inspections fast and easy while on the road all from the drivers smartphone device. TruckSync Edge ensures a highly optimized workflow for DOT Vehicle Inspection reports and reporting for the BABACO Digital Seal, workflows can also be tailored uniquely to your complete satisfaction. BABACO is able to build any workflow with the following modules:

• Camera Function

• Barcode Function

• Location Services

• Location Function

• Signature Pad

• Timestamp Function

• Multiple Choice Option

• Checkbox Option

How it works:

1. Contact BABACO and build your individual custom workflow.

2. Have your drivers sign up and link to your company.

3. Drivers fill out reports and they show up in your inbox.

From your warehouse floor to your customer’s door!

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There’s no delivery you can’t prove!

Benefits & Features of TruckSync Edge (Smartphone App):

  • Signature & Photo Capture: Real-time proof of pick-up and delivery with time-stamped signatures. Capture the seal, driver, or cargo where you see fit.
  • Time & Date Stamp: Keep record of the exact time and date of every trip. Modify the fields to include this stamp anywhere for added security.
  • Electronic Reports: Eliminate the chance of errors or misplacing paper-based reports. Receive driver manifests immediately for you and your customers.
  • Barcode Scanning: Scan packages easily with your smart phone.
  • Track Drivers: Modify the app to include GPS location at any point increasing driver efficiency.
  • Live Map/Trip Planner: Keep a record of your drivers route, stops, and deliveries in real-time ensuring deliveries go to the right place on time.
  • Completely Customizable: App can be modified in any format, layout, theme, or verbiage to fit the needs of your company. 5 steps or 50, no problem!
  • Easy Access: 24/7 access with any internet accessible device.
  • and many more!


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