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Wall Mounted Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Accurately and instantly scans the forehead and alerts by alarm if an elevated skin temperature is detected. Quickly get compliant with temperature screening at your place of business. The intent is not to diagnose, but to raise awareness so people can get a proper assessment before fully entering the business.

• Lower cost than thermal cameras

• Highly accurate

• Quick and easy to install

• Alarm function

• Contactless



• Can be mounted with screws (included), double sided tape (included), or on a tripod


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Key Features

• Reduces usage of PPE for manual scanning

• Quick automatic measurement • Cost-effective, even for small

• Quickly detects surface skin temperature without any contact

• Quickly detects surface temperature in less than one second response time

• Alarm alerts if surface skin temperature detected is higher than 99.1 ̊F (37.3 ̊C)

• Digital display



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