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Babaco offers several options for tracking and monitoring trailers.

Tracking a trailer has never been easy. The lack of a permanent power supply and the need to mount the device externally have been obstacles few have overcome until now.

The only viable solution to date has been to glue GPS devices to the roof with huge battery packs. While these solutions work, they can only be used to transmit once or twice a day or battery life is cut unreasonably short. They are also easily identified.

With Babaco you get the trailer data you need when you need it.

  • Start moving events sent in real-time
  • Stop moving events sent in real-time
  • Monitoring of cargo doors with alerts
  • Track trailer movements in real-time
  • Monitor and track tandem equipment
  • Monitor internal temperature for reefer trailers.

Babaco uses special weather proof enclosures, batteries and charging circuitry that allows the trailer to be powered even when the tractor is disconnected. This means that doors can be monitored when the trailer is loaded with high dollar cargo. Once a tractor hooks to the trailer, the battery is recharged. The system sends real-time events each time external power is available or removed. Even if the battery dies while the unit is sitting, the system will start back up as soon as the trailer gets external power from the tractor.

Babaco uses several power optimization methods to increase battery life and we can size the battery to meet your requirements.

Special equipment — Some trailers are equipped with refrigeration units. These trailers only need the weather proof external enclosure as power is available on the trailer.

Some equipment does not need to be powered unless connected to a tractor. Tandem dollies can be configured with or without battery backup. The device is able to power up in most cases in less than a minute once the trailer is connected.